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Last edited: 13 April 2018



MD10 for Professional Dog Groomers/Salons 

"MD10 Professional Dog Groomers Special Package" available for your business

MD10 Dog Cats Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner Products range for Professional Dog Groomers

Are you a Professional Groomer? 
Do you demand great results? 
Are you looking for the products WORKS?
High Quality un-matting dog shampoos/conditioners without getting greasy at all!

Contact Noriko Brewster on direct mobile on 0771 574 9450 for further information.

Here are some of the feedback from our show breeder clients;

"I have used the shampoo on 5 of the dogs now and the results are very good, 
good body to their coats and imediate harshness" 

- Samoyeds - White Texture Shampoo

"I would like to order some more of that wonderful shampoo and conditioner 
that I bought from you at the WDS in Denmark."
- Yorkshire Terrier -Super Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner Silky Smooth. 

"he is now 5 days post bath and he looks and feels great i can honestly say hand on heart 
that your product has given not only me but my boy and new lease of life, 
his coat is absolutely amazing it moves so naturally with him and he looks a million dollars" 

- Newfoundland, White Texture shampoo

"shampoo for my Leonbergers ..... it has worked incredibly well on my dogs" - Leonbergers

"thought i wd let u kno parcel collected, shampoo'd my girls. Pap got a 1st last night, sheltie 1st & reserve best in show! A happy show & not only down to the shampoo of course, but nice for me to kno their jackets cared-for by MD-10 and so sweet-smelling. Makes them even more lovely to cuddle, win or lose!" - Papillon with Silky Smooth Shampoo & Shetland Sheep Dog, Texture Shampoo


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